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Free Counter Terrorism E - Learning

In 2017 NaCTSO (The National Counter Terrorism Security Officer) identified the need for an e learning course to help individuals within UK businesses, better understand and mitigate against terrorism.

ACT Awareness eLearning is a CT (Counter Terrorism) awareness product designed for all UK based companies and organisations and available to the public.

Devised by CT officers and security experts, the ACT Awareness eLearning package was previously only available to staff working in crowded places like shopping centres and entertainment venues.

Now Counter Terrorism Policing has decided to open up the training to anyone who wants to become a CT Citizen so they can learn how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour and understand what to do in the event of a major incident.

ACT Awareness eLearning will provide nationally recognised corporate CT guidance to help people better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology.

The following eLearning Modules are available:

  1. Introduction to Terrorism

  2. Identifying Security Vulnerabilities

  3. How to Identify and Respond to Suspicious Behaviour

  4. How to Identify and Deal with a Suspicious Item

  5. What to do in the Event of a Bomb Threat

  6. How to Respond to a Firearms or Weapons attack

  7. Summary and Supporting Materials


Sources:National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

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